Thursday, October 25, 2018

Roaring Success!

During conference week it was wonderful to meet with parents and guardians to discuss how the students progressed since the beginning of the school year. This student teacher and four educators were "WILD" about the opportunity to partner ACA Associations members for the best interest of ACA students. The second quarter has started with great success. Thanks for all you do at home to support your student!

Technology is Alive!

First grade girls enjoy a computer center to enhance their learning in Mrs. Hartmanns' class.

Students in sixth grades are excited to be using their Chromebooks. Pictured here are sixth graders working on them while in literature lab/ library class with Mrs. Rose.

Kingdom Kids

26 sixth grade students volunteered to be “hands and feet” and serve others at ACA. As a body, the church, is called to edify one another and bear one another’s burdens.

At ACA Kingdom Kids work with me as Elementary Principal to do just that. Children help in various ways to make the work lighter and to edify staff and faculty for the outstanding dedication they show.

On Wed. Oct. 24, Kingdom Kids helped me celebrate teachers who have impacted their lives by offering an “Apple for the Teacher” or surprised staff by thanking them for the services they provide! Who will be the next recepiatnt at ACA to recieve a kudos from the kids?

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Hansen’s Highlights for April 2018


To wrap up Mission’s Month, a Ministry Fair was held at ACA in the gymnasium /parking lot on Wed. March 28, 2018. Mrs. Schroeder and the high school student council members invited different organizations to present to the third-sixth graders during our elementary chapel time and to 7th -12th graders during their chapel time. The following ministries were present and children learned about their purpose and were able to ask important questions: Informed Choices, Valley Disaster Relief, Hope Ministries,On With Life, Polk County Jail and Prison Ministry, Friendship Center, and Can Do Cancer. The students learned much and were able to see  how people can be hands and feet like Christ serving others while providing much for those who in need!


Have you ever wondered why we have a large bulletin board near our school’s entrance? At ACA writing is important! God’s word is Spirit breathed, but written by man’s hands. Through writing we can create many things. Works that entertain, inform, persuade, and cause us to question are still important reasons why we write in today’s English and Language Arts classes.

Our Writer’s Wall was created in 2010 after a donation was made in memory of Ruth Bond by her three nieces and one nephew. Ruth was an educator who volunteered at ACA in the 1990s. She was a BIG fan of ACA and appreciated the art of writing. Children and adults alike can be found still today reading student work displayed on The Writer’s Wall that hangs in the school’s lobby spotlighting various traits of writing found in elementary children’s original work.  

Since 2011 elementary students have been learning in language arts class the 6+1 Traits of Writing. Authors work on creating written works that clearly and effectively express their thoughts in an organized and meaningful way.Teachers deliver lessons to children presenting the six traits of effective writers: ideas, word choice, organization, sentence fluency, voice and conventions or mechanics. The “plus one” stands for instructing students on the presentation component of being an author.

Throughout the year students share their writing with others in the classroom. In some classes, students sit in an author’s chair to present their written work orally to hear constructive criticism as well as compliments about their writing from peers. Monthly teachers take turns to display student writing. This display is a publication of sort where children can view and learn from other authors the art of conveying a message through words that is so important.

Stay tuned for my next blog post where I highlight our Grandparent's & Special's Friend Open House, Book Fair and Spring Concert.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Wonderful Winter Wows!


Easter is almost here. It is my favorite time of year.  He has risen, he has risen indeed!

It is SUCH an exciting time at school to proclaim that Jesus was willing to be broken and
bruised for our transgressions so we could be saved.

He conquered death and is in heaven preparing a place for us, who have accepted his
free gift of salvation and claim him as Lord and Savior. This is great news!  

This week two elementary students, after hearing from their teacher the good news, repented
of their sins, and asked Jesus to be their savior. This is the greatest joy we experience here at
ACA as a non-denominational Christian school.

“How great is the love the Father has lavished on us that we can be called the children of God.”
I John 3:1 AMAZING!

If you want to learn more exciting elementary news keep reading!


A presentation by teachers for teachers was given on Feb. 29th by Mrs. Hartmann (third grade)
and Mrs. Thompson (resource). 23 faculty and student teachers in attendance learned strategies
to help readers decode multisyllabic words so that they more easily can pronounce them.


Math Olympics is a competition ACA offers to third - eighth graders who are nominated by
their math teacher. It is offered through Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) of
which ACA is a member.

Its purpose is to "enhance learning beyond the classroom by equipping Christian schools and
educators while challenging students toward God-honoring applications of their academic abilities."

Mrs. Joelle Mathwig, our Omega Challenge teacher and I proctored this event on March 9th.
There are 4 objectives of this annual competition:

1. Stimulate an interest in mathematics.    
2. Recognize the achievements of students in mathematics.
3. Provide an opportunity to meet and fellowship with other mathematics-oriented students.
4. Offer students an opportunity to glorify God in the use of their mathematical abilities
beyond the classroom setting.


Children had the opportunity on Tuesday, March 20, 2018  to visit classroom teachers at a grade
level older than themselves.

This experience helped the boys and girls to understand more about what they might experience
next year at school.

Children enjoyed visiting the room, looking at the textbooks, hearing about special projects/ field
trips and posed questions to the educators that may be their future teacher.

Ask of your student what he/she learned through this event and wait to be entertained and amazed!

Stay tuned for my next blog post where I discuss what students learned at the Ministry Fair and
how they display written work on The Writer's Wall.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

ACA's Great start to Second Semester 2018

Only a few short weeks have past in 2018, but incredible things have happened at Ankeny Christan Academy. Here are my seven sensational highlights:

1. Two ACA elementary children came to know Jesus Christ personally this month! A girl at home and a boy at school. Praise the Lord!

2. During Professional learning on Friday, Jan. 12 a doctor shared with elementary faculty about vision challenges that effect learning and vision therapy. Teachers learned much from the presentation.

3. During the day long professional learning on Monday, Jan. 15th:
Pastor Brian Ruggles shared a devotion with faculty, Dr. and Mrs. Robinson treated faculty and staff to biscuits and gravy for breakfast.  Lisa Ihnen, one of ACA's  5th grade teacher, presented information about Reading/ Literacy research and teaching strategies for our K-12 faculty. Our Heartland Area Education Association's Technology Consultant shared MANY great technology resources for classroom use to engage student learners. Lieutenant Kroska, Police Officer Shellhase and Fire Marshall Fraser presented with me about emergency preparedness in case of a violent intruder, need for lock down and or evacuation.

4. A school wide pep assembly was held on Friday, Jan. 19 where a schoolphoto was taken to celebrate the school's 25th year.  A cheer leading clinic was offered where elementary girls were able to bring much cheer to our homecoming game that evening. 

5. Congressman David Young was welcomed to ACA by Mrs. England's kindergarten students on Tuesday. Jan. 23. He spoke at a 6th-12th grade student assembly where he shared that he was a born again believer and answered various student questions about his role as a congressman and how he serves Iowans. He read to second and fourth grade children the book, House Mouse Senate Mouse written by Peter W. Barnes and illustrated by Cheryl Shaw Barnes. He donated a copy of the book to ACA's library. 

6. The evening of Tuesday, Jan. 23 ACA held an Open House for Begindergarten and Kindergarten aged children to prepare for our Round Up in early March. We had 29 children attend with their parents and guardians to learn more about these great programs and their enrollment process. A safari theme screamed, "We are WILD about ACA!" Check out the bulletin board in the main lobby sharing families' appreciation about God's school, Ankeny Christan Academy.

7. Thursday, Jan. 25 was our ACA Science Fair where 4th, 6th, 8th and 10th grade students shared their research and experiments with almost 20 judges. I am grateful for the diligent work of our four science teachers who assisted the children at school. Thanks to those of you at home who assisted in hours of preparation with your scientists for this special event.

If the first month of 2018 is an indicator of the rest of the school year,  there will be many more exciting happenings yet to come so watch for the next Hansen's Highlights!